Become a ‘Frugavore’


A frugavore makes the most of what they have, supports best practices in farming, wastes nothing, and grows their own food when they can.

For more details see Frugavore: How to Grow Organic, Buy Local, Waste Nothing, and Eat Well



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Grow your food for free (well almost)

• Gardening through the year on a shoestring, from making your own raised beds or shed, to fixing broken tools and taking cuttings
• Money-saving tips and gardening advice for every season
• Lots of step-by-step projects with easy to follow diagrams
• Beautiful photos and quirky illustrations

This book is a great resource for the gardener on a budget. It manages to combine really good gardening advice with lots of practical money-saving tips and ideas for recycling and reusing materials. Highly recommended.

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Designed for the Dump

The Story of Electronics

The Story of Electronics is an animated film looking at the environmental problems caused by the disposal of electronic waste.

We are now purchasing and disposing of electronic products at an alarming rate, mostly because products are deliberately designed to be replaced as quickly as possible – ‘designed for the dump’

Over six million electrical items, amounting to one million tonnes, are thrown away in the UK every year. Virtually all this electronic equipment contains toxic materials such as heavy metals which are harmful to people and the planet.

E-waste is often exported to developing countries, where processing is done with little safety protection, exposing workers and the local population to toxins and poisoning their air and water.

The aim of the film is to make us all aware of these hidden impacts and to motivate us to act differently. We all need to be thinking about what electronic products we buy and how we dispose of them. The simplest and cheapest way to take action is to resist the urge to buy yet another gadget. Or we can use our power as consumers to encourage companies to make less toxic, more easily recyclable and longer lasting products.

Watch the film – The Story of Electronics

Take action – Make ‘em Safe, Make ‘em Last, and Take ‘em Back

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