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Heating your home with horse manure!

I came across this web page  Save money on heating bills – burn horse manure which shows how to use a briquette paper log maker to produce fuel ‘logs’ from horse manure. They say the odour evaporates in a few weeks as the brick shapes dry out, and the ashes make good fertiliser.

The Backwoods Home Magazine has a lot more information plus instructions for a DIY briquette maker.

It sounds like a good idea for anyone who keeps horses, but as I don’t have a horse I can’t test it out –  if anyone out there has tried it please let me know how well it works!

Another paper log maker

The Dry Logmaker turns burnable household and garden waste into free fuel to heat your home. It produces compact, newspaper-wrapped ‘logs’ which are ready for immediate use and will burn for between 10 minutes and 1 hour, using waste such as shredded junk mail and newspapers, tea bags, twigs, dry leaves or sawdust. - the original green logmakerTo use the Dry Logmaker, simply wrap newspaper around the outside of the tube, tucking the ends inside at the bottom, then place on a firm surface and push the plunger down inside the tube to make the tucked-in ends form a seal. Remove the plunger and fill the tube with burnable waste items, compressing as you go. When filled, eject the newspaper log by using the plunger to push it down and away from the tube. Now twist the ends together or tuck them in to finish, and your log is ready to burn straight away with no wetting or waiting.

There is now another version, the Wet Logmaker, which makes logs from soaked waste, creating denser, longer burning fuel logs from any burnable waste.

For more information on using both versions of the Logmaker see How It Works. - recycled plastic dry paper log makerCompared to the briquette paper log maker, the Dry Logmaker is simpler and cleaner to use as you don’t have to wet the paper, so there is no mess and no waiting while the ‘logs’ dry out, and it’s easy to produce a few at a time as they are needed. However,the ‘logs’ are much less dense and burn faster, so they don’t make such good fuel as the paper briquettes, but they are useful for getting the fire going or for mixing in with larger logs.

You can buy all versions of the Logmaker from their website

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