Bokashi troubleshooting

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  • If you are getting problems with fruit flies in the container, add more bokashi bran to make the food waste more acidic so the fruit flies can’t live in it. If you have one, put all the fruit and vegetable peelings straight into your garden composter instead.
  • If there is white mould on the food, this is not a problem and shows the contents are fermenting properly.
  • A strong rancid or rotten smell, or the presence of maggots or black or blue-green fungi means that the fermenting process has failed. There will be some quite UNfriendly bacteria in there, so you need to get rid of it and start again. You can dig a hole in the garden, add some bokashi bran, tip the contents of the bucket in, sprinkle a couple of handfuls of bran over the top, then bury the lot and leave it to sort itself out. Or empty the bucket into a plastic bag and put it in the dustbin. Don’t be discouraged – this doesn’t happen often, and will probably be due to one or more of the following:

Not enough bokashi bran mix was used – be generous – you can’t use too much;

The container lid wasn’t kept tightly closed – this is vital for the fermentation to work;

The EM juice was not drained off enough so the mix was too wet;

The inner drainage tray wasn’t properly in place;

The container was too hot or too cold – it needs a warm place out of direct sun.

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3 replies on “Bokashi troubleshooting”

  1. Constance Derby says:

    After 30 days my bucket looked and smelled just fine, but was wetter than the other buckets I have made. I layered the contents between 2 thick layers of topsoil in a rubbermaid tote and left it uncovered, outside for 2 weeks. I just dug into it and it is full of grubs and doesn’t smell great. The bokashi bucket contents haven’t completely broken down. Help please!!!!

  2. Sue Taylor says:

    Have been troubled with tiny flies (fruit flies) this year. They seem to be hanging around the Bakashi bin, even though it’s sealed properly.
    Can you advise please

    Sue Taylor

  3. Tracey Bear says:

    After 2 weeks in the bokashi bucket its smelled and looked ok, and I buried the bokashi in the garden. It now smells awful and has attracted blowflies. How can I fix this and prevent it happening again? Thanks 🙂

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