Heating your home with horse manure!

I came across this web page  Save money on heating bills – burn horse manure which shows how to use a briquette paper log maker to produce fuel ‘logs’ from horse manure. They say the odour evaporates in a few weeks as the brick shapes dry out, and the ashes make good fertiliser.

The Backwoods Home Magazine has a lot more information plus instructions for a DIY briquette maker.

It sounds like a good idea for anyone who keeps horses, but as I don’t have a horse I can’t test it out –  if anyone out there has tried it please let me know how well it works!

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  1. Fergie says:

    With the ever increasing cost of fuel in mind, is it feasible in smokeless Britain to heat your house using paper briquettes? I would imagine that if they were made and burnt efficiently, smoke emissions would be minimal. I should be grateful for any comments you can offer.

  2. Dee Powell says:

    We’ve been experimenting with this idea. We made about 100 ‘poo bricks’ in February and have dried them out all summer. We’ve given them to friends to try and test for us (we don’t have a wood burner) and so far the market research is looking very favourable. First impressions is that they burn slowly with quite a bit of heat, there is no smell and no smoke.

    How great would it be if they were an effective fuel source…they are definitely a sustainable and renewable fuel and cheap too 🙂

  3. Sarah Williams says:

    I have a livery yard. I have 35 horses to muck out and get a lot of dung. I have bedding mixed in it which is woodshavings and straw. And also neat from the fields. I have thought about it for years whether it’s safe for the environment to use as burning material or not. Due to its nature being high in fibre as we only feed our horses high fibre hay and chaff and grass I’m guessing in must be as natural to burn as woodpellets etc. I just wandered if the methane in manure is a problem for the environment or if it would naturally be burned off as a safe way to dispose of the cases. Does anyone know anymore about this??

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