Radiator Boosters

Boost the heat in your home AND save energy? A radiator booster fan could be the answer if your heating is struggling in the cold weather.

Radiator boosters are designed to increase the efficiency of central heating by redirecting warm air out into the room. The idea is that the room is warmer and at the same time energy is saved as the room heats up more quickly, allowing the boiler to shut down sooner.

You simply sit the unit on top of the radiator and plug in. They fit most single or double panelled radiators, but are not intended for use on storage heaters or oil filled radiators.

Radfan radiator booster fans are fully automatic, using a thermostatic switch to only run when the radiator is hot. No need to turn on and off manually. They use two very quiet, ultra low power fans costing between £2 to £6 per year in electricity to run, depending on size. Magnets secure the unit to the radiator so installation is simple and they are easy to move from room to room.

The manufacturers say that a Radfan on a radiator under a window will reduce heat lost through the window by 35%, keeping the warmth in your home. They guarantee that the product will make your home warmer without having to spend more on your energy bills, or they will give you a refund!

For more information or to buy, see Radfan Classic – Low Power Radiator Fan for smaller rooms, or the Radfan Classic MAX – Low Power Radiator Fan for large rooms.

If the Radfan is out of your price range, have a look at the Radiator  Booster  MK3 at Amazon.

Either way, the Energy Trust recommend fitting radiator reflectors behind radiators to reflect their heat back into the room – see Radflek Radiator Reflectors

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    Reuse heat from Clothes Dryer

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