Zero waste

The concept of ‘zero waste‘ is based on the understanding that all the materials we use are resources, and only become waste due to bad design or poor management. By redesigning products and changing the way we dispose of what we don’t need, the problem of ‘waste’ ceases to exist, because everything becomes a resource to be reused or recycled.

Residents of the small Japanese town of Kamikatsu sort their household waste into 34 different recycling boxes. They currently re-use, recycle or compost 80% of their rubbish. The remaining 20% is incinerated or goes to landfill, but they are aiming to reduce waste to zero by 2020, leading the way in adopting a more energy efficient and less polluting lifestyle. You can see more on Kamikatsu in this video:

If you feel inspired to give zero waste a try, or just to want produce a little less waste, here’s a guide to getting started:

It’s really surprising just how much you can reduce your waste if you are prepared to make an effort! For more information see:

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  1. Priscilla Michon says:

    You ought to definately write much more about this! Please!

  2. Lena Aayne says:

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  3. Lynda Leonard says:

    In order to achieve zero waste the people have to be more aware about in what aspect they aim it and the ways to do it. I am very concern about zero waste at home and I almost achieve a perfect results. Greetings

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