bowl of mussels

Microfiber pollution

Synthetic microfibers have been found in the air, rivers, oceans, soil, drinking water, table salt, and many species of fish and shellfish. They make up 85% of human made debris on shorelines globally (ref). These microfibers come from a variety of sources, mostly from our clothes. Many microfibers contain toxic chemicals such as dyes, pesticides …

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plastic water bottle

Bottled water

“The bottled water industry is the triumph of marketing over common sense, it has become a symbol of our disposable culture at its dumbest.” Joshua Blackburn, founder of Tap. Over 650 million people in the world do not have access to reliably clean and safe drinking water. In many places people have to walk long distances to fetch water.  …

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cat sleeping on radiator

Radiator Boosters

Boost the heat in your home AND save energy? A radiator booster fan might be the answer if your heating is struggling in the cold weather. Radiators only radiate about 20% of their heat – the rest rises up to the ceiling or is lost through nearby walls or windows. Radiator boosters are designed to increase …

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