compost cooked food waste using bokashi buckets and bran mix

Bokashi composting

See also:  Bokashi troubleshooting;  DIY bokashi bins;  DIY bokashi bran;  Composting food waste Most home composting systems will break down garden waste and uncooked kitchen waste such as vegetable and fruit peelings, but can’t be used to dispose of cooked food, meat, fish or dairy products. These need special treatment as they tend to putrify, …

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DIY bokashi bins

Bokashi bins are used to process kitchen waste, including meat, fish, dairy products and cooked food, into a useful garden soil conditioner. The system uses a bran mixture infused with micro-organisms which is combined with the organic waste materials in a sealed container. The contents are then fermented anaerobically. (See also our post on Bokashi composting) …

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DIY bokashi bran

A bokashi kitchen composting system is a really good way of transforming kitchen waste into nutrient-rich soil conditioner. It will deal with almost all kitchen food waste including cooked and uncooked meats and fish, dairy products and cooked leftovers which can’t be added to a normal composting system. (See Bokashi composting ) Bokashi bran Bokashi bran, a dry …

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